Baker Island

Baker Island

Most of Baker Island is a part of Acadia National Park but it is a difficult part of the park to visit. Baker Island is about four miles (6.5 kilometers) southeast of Mount Desert Island. The island is 123 acres and one of the islands that comprise the Cranberry Islands. The island is also a part of the Town of Islesford, which is the legal entity for the Cranberry Islands. Some people live on the island year round but the population increases five fold in the summer. The field on the right (west) of the Island in the photograph above is some of the private property. The photographs on this page were taken from the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park in the otter Creek to Hunter's Beach area. Baker Island is almost due south of Mount Desert Island from this area. The center of attention on the island, particularly at night, is the Baker Island Lighthouse that is barely visible in the photograph above just right of center and extending above the tree line. The following photograph is a close up of this section.

Baker Island Light

This lighthouse is coded on navigational charts as "Fl 10s 105ft 10M," that is, it is a fixed light with a light duration of 10 seconds and a dark period duration of 10 seconds. The height of the light is 105 feet (32 meters) and it is visible for ten nautical miles. No color is mentioned, which means that the color of the light is white. This lighthouse had a bell that was deactivated. Note the buoy in the water to the left of the photograph. This buoy can also be seen in the first photograph and may be helpful in locating the lighthouse on the island.

Another distinctive feature of Baker Island is that it connects to Little Cranberry Island at low tide by a long bar called the "Dance Floor." The next photograph shows this bar. Most of the bar is granite and relatively flat making a good dance floor. In fact, dances have been held on this bar. Baker Island is on the left (east). Note the structures in the field on Baker Island and the apparent flatness of the bar.

Baker Island Dance Floor

The following photograph shows how the Dance Floor connects Baker Island to Little Cranberry Island. Baker Island is to the left (east) and Little Cranberry Island is to the right (west).

Baker Island and Little Cranberry Island

One can hike from Little Cranberry Island to Baker Island at low tide. Care must be taken to ensure one is not caught on the Dance Floor when the tide is rising. The National Park sponsors boat tours of Baker Island. Check with the visitors centers or park headquarters about taking these tours. The boat operators and times of the tours may change each season.


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