Beech Mountain

Beech Mountain 

Beech Mountain is located between Echo Lake and Long Pond. Its highest point is 839 feet (256 meters) above sea level. The summit of Beech Mountain is shown in the photograph above taken from Beech Cliff. Notice the fire observation tower near the summit. This tower is inactive. The west side of Beech Mountain is less rugged as shown in the photograph below taken from the southern shore of Long Pond. Most of this mountain is only accessible by hiking. Like many parts of Acadia National Park on the western half of Mount Desert Island, Beech Mountain has been left to evolve naturally.

Beech Mountain West Side

Canada Cliffs are a part of the east side of Beech Mountain and extend south from Echo Lake beach. The photograph below was taken from Echo Lake beach and shows that end of Canada Cliffs.

Canada Cliffs

The following photograph of the Canada Cliffs portion of Beech Mountain was taken from Beech Cliff. The Town of Southwest Harbor is in the background.

Canada Cliffs from Beech Cliff

The next photograph shows Southwest Harbor, to the right, from Beech Cliffs. The island in the left foreground is Greening Island. Behind Greening Island is Great Cranberry Island. The body of water between Great Cranberry Island and Southwest Harbor is Western Way. Farther to the east opposite Southwest Harbor is the Village of Northeast Harbor, part of the Town of Mount Desert.

Southwest Harbor from Beech Cliff

The following photograph shows the Coast Guard station at Southwest Harbor from on the water of Southwest Harbor. Beech Mountain can be seen in the background. Note the fire tower that helps identify Beech Mountain.

Coast Guard Station at Southwest Harbor

East of the Town of Southwest Harbor is Greening Island and Eastern Way. Bear Island is about two and a quarter miles (3.6 kilometers) east of the Town of Southwest Harbor in Eastern Way. The lighthouse at Bear Island is on Acadia National Park land but most of the island is privately owned. The nautical map code for this lighthouse is Fl 5s 33ft, that is, it is a fixed (Fl) white light, shines for five seconds, goes dark for 5 seconds and is 33 feet (10 meters) above the shore. The location of the light and the number of lighted buoys in the vicinity is such that the distance the light shines is irrelevant. Cruises originating in Northeast Harbor or Southwest Harbor are likely to go past this lighthouse.

Light House on Bear Island

A paved, three-mile (4.8 kilometers) road, Beech Hill Road, runs from State Route 102 between Somesville and the northern end of Long Pond and east of Long Pond to a turn about and parking area on the ridge of Beech Mountain. Look for road signs with directions to Beech Mountain and Beech Cliff. The beginning of Beech Hill Road is close to Somesville. Trails to the summit, Echo Lake and Long Pond begin at the turn about. There is a short trail, about 0.3 miles (0.5 kilometers) to Beech Cliff opposite the parking area. This trail is easy and is worth the trip for the views like the pictures above. However, once the cliff is reached, the trail follows along the edge of Beech Cliff, which is not for the faint of heart. The cliff face is a shear drop. One may also hike up the mountain from the Echo Lake beach parking area and the parking area at the tip of Long Pond.


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