Bubble Pond

Bubble Pond North View

Bubble Pond is between Cadillac Mountain and Pemetic Mountain. The pond has a surface area of 32 acres and is at an altitude of 331 feet (101 meters) above sea level. Its maximum depth is 39 feet ( 11.9 meters) and it has an average depth of 21 feet (6.4 meters). Bubble Pond is a mesotrophic body of water, that is, it has moderate levels of nutrients and dissolved oxygen. This pond is the home to Brook Trout, Rainbow Smelt, Minnows, Threespine Stickleback, Pumpkinseed Sunfish and American Eel. The photograph above shows the north end of the pond. Cadillac Mountain is to the right (east) and Pemetic Mountain is to the left (west). A carriage road runs along the western shore of Bubble Pond from which the photograph was taken. The outlet from the pond is Bubble Brook at the northern tip of the pond shown in the next photograph.

Bubble Brook

The following photograph shows the southern end of the pond. Cadillac Mountain is to the left (east) and Pemetic Mountain is to the right (west).

Bubble Pond South View

Bubble Pond is an easy pond to visit. There is a parking lot at the north end of the pond off the Park Loop Road about half way between the Jordan Pond House and the Cadillac Mountain Road. The carriage road is level for most of the way along the shore and is accessible to people with disabilities. The area is very beautiful and quiet. A number of cedars grow into strange shapes among the rocks along the carriage road as shown in the photograph below. It is a pleasant place to hike or just relax. However, this area is favored by people on horseback. Stay alert for horses and the undesirable refuse they leave behind.

Twisted Cedar at Bubble Pond

Bubble Pond is a good place to start a climb up Pemetic Mountain or Cadillac Mountain. The Pemetic Mountain summit is 1,248 feet (380 meters) above sea level. Pemetic is accessible only by hiking trails and remains unspoiled. It is considered "back country" and should be hiked cautiously.


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