Day Mountain

Day Mountain

Day Mountain rises above Seal Harbor and Ingraham Point but is often neglected by tourists. The summit is at 583 feet (178 meters) seemingly, dwarfed by other mountains in Acadia National Park. However, the views from Day Mountain are spectacular and surprising. A relatively straight trail runs over the summit north-south. One can hike to the summit from the north base of Day Mountain or from the south base. However as shown in the photograph above, a carriage road snakes its way up to the summit providing some sensational views along the way. Rocks near the summit are seen in the upper center of this photograph. The trails to the summit are shorter than the carriage road route but the views are not as diverse.

The photograph below was taken near the beginning of the southern part of the hiking trail. The boards transverse a wetland. Not only will this trail test your physical condition, the boards along the trail will test your balance as well.

Hiking Trail Boards

The next picture shows the Day Mountain Carriage Road and mountains toward the northwest.

Carriage Road and Mountains from Day Mountain

The next photograph shows mountains on the western part of Mount Desert Island from the carriage road.

Hazy Mountains as Seen from Day Mountain

The following picture taken from Day Mountain shows, from left to right, The Beehive, Gorham Mountain, State Route 3 and the Schoodic Peninsular in the distance.

View East from Day Mountain

Otter Point is shown in the next photograph.

Otter Point from Day Mountain

A wider shot also shows Baker Island (right of center) and Little Cranberry Island to the extreme right.

Otter Point, Baker Island and Little Cranberry Island from Day Mountain

Another location on the Day Mountain Carriage Road gives a better view of Baker Island and Little Cranberry Island.

Baker Island and Little Cranberry Island from Day Mountain

In yet another place, one can see numerous islands in the Gulf of Maine.

Islands from Day Mountain

Near the beginning of the south trail up Day Mountain and to the north is a memorial to Samuel de Champlain. A trail marker points the way to the monument. The plaque reads:








Champlain Memorial

The southern trail up Day Mountain is across from a small parking lot on State Route 3 just before the highway descends into the Village of Seal Harbor. The northern trail is to the south of Park Loop Road not far from the Wildwood Stables. A carriage road encircles the base of the mountain and the Day Mountain Carriage Road snakes its way to the summit of Day Mountain where it loops to make a turn-around for the trip back down the same carriage road used to climb to the summit. This carriage road is a very popular venue for horseback riders and bicyclists. Be on the alert for them and the droppings the horses leave behind. The foot trail crosses the carriage road at several places. This mountain is worth a visit.


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