Echo Lake

Ikes Point at Eagle Lake

Echo Lake is a 237 acre lake at an altitude of 84 feet (26 meters) above sea level. The deepest point in the lake is 66 feet (20.1 meters) and the average depth is 28 feet (8.5 meters). This lake is an oligotrophic body of water, that is, it has a low level of vegetation and a high level of dissolved oxygen. It has low turbidity, that is, it is very clear. The fish in the lake include Salmon, Brook Trout, Rainbow Smelt, Minnows, Hornpout ( Brown Bullhead Catfish), Banded Killifish, Ninespine Stickleback, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Alewife and American Eel. Most fishermen attempt to catch Brook Trout or Salmon. The boat launch area is at Ikes Point from which the photograph above was taken looking north. Most of the property on Echo Lake is privately owned. The next photograph shows the northern portion of Echo Lake as seen from Beech Cliff.

North End of Echo Lake from Beech Cliff

The next picture, taken from Beech Cliff, shows the Acadia National Park Beach at the southern end of Echo Lake. This beach has a lifeguard during most of the summer. Two white markers in the lake indicate the extent of the swim area. The camp facility to the left is the Appalachian Mountain Club camp. The road in the upper third of the photograph is State Route 102. The Town of Southwest Harbor is to the right (south). To the left (north) are the Villages of Hall Quarry and Somesville in the Town of Mount Desert.

Echo Lake Beach and Appalachian Mountain Club Camp from Beech Cliff

The next photograph is a view north on Echo Lake from the Acadia National Park beach. Note the white swim area markers. Beech Cliff on Beech Mountain is to the left. The base of Acadia and St. Sauveur mountains is to the right. 

Echo Lake Swim Area

The service road leading to the beach is shown in the next photograph. To the left are bicycle racks, rest rooms and changing rooms. This service road begins at the large parking area but is blocked to traffic. Disabled persons and pedestrians can make their way down this road to the changing rooms. Note the handicapped signage to the left of the beach. 

Echo Lake Faciloities and Beach

The handicapped signage marks the beginning of a wooden ramp that leads to the water's edge near the wheelbarrow as seen in the next photograph. A ribbed-rubber portion of the ramp extends into the water giving disabled persons access to the water. The Park Service calls this ramp an "accessible path to the water."

The cliff to the far left is the Canada Cliff portion of Beech Mountain. The Beech Cliff section of Beech Mountain is behind Canada Cliff at the top of the promontory to the right.

Echo Lake Canada Cliff and Beech Cliff

Echo Lake is a very popular attraction because the swimming is excellent and the setting is very beautiful. On a very hot day, this area will be filled to capacity and may even be closed to further visitors when the beach is crowded. The entrance to Echo Lake Beach is off State Route 102 about half a mile (0.8 kilometers) past the Southwest Harbor town line. Ikes Point entrance is about a mile and a quarter (two kilometers) north of the beach entrance in the Town of Mount Desert.

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