Gorham Mountain

Gorham Mountain

Gorham Mountain rises above the Park Loop Road a short distance west of Sand Beach. The photograph above shows Gorham Mountain from the rocks below the Park Loop Road. The next photograph taken from about the same position, shows Gorham Mountain to the left (west) and the summit of The Beehive to the right (east). The Gorham Mountain summit is at 525 feet (160 meters) above sea level, approximately the point from which these photographs were taken. The rocky area below the summit and just above the trees in the foreground are cliffs called Cadillac Cliffs. The views of the ocean and other mountains in Acadia National Park are excellent from the summit and Cadillac Cliffs.

Gorham Mountain and The Beehive

The next picture is a close up of the summit and Cadillac Cliffs.

Gorham Mountain Summit

The following photograph shows the beginning of the trail to Cadillac Cliffs and the summit of Gorham Mountain at the Gorham Mountain Parking Area on the Park Loop Road. Note the raised roots and rocks. This trail is rocky but relatively short and easy. It provides an easy way to get high views of the coast and the park with a minimum of effort. However, watch your step and wear good hiking boots. One can also hike to the Summit of Gorham Mountain from The Beehive.

Gorham Mountain Trail

The easiest way to access Gorham Mountain is from the Gorham Mountain Parking Area on the Park Loop Road. However, one can also park at Sand Beach, hike The Beehive and The Bowl trails to Gorham Mountain. The hike from the Gorham Mountain Parking Area back to Sand Beach is best on the shore trail along Park Loop Road. This hike provides excellent samples of the experiences Acadia National Park has to offer: the sea, wildlife, rocks, forests, ponds and mountains.


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