Great Head

Great Head

Great Head is a small peninsular or point at the southeastern-most point of Mount Desert Island. It marks the western side of the entrance to Frenchman Bay. The Schoodic Peninsular is the eastern boundary of Frenchman Bay. The photograph above shows the western side of Great Head in the center of the picture. The land mass in the distance to the right is the Schoodic Peninsular. The next photograph shows the eastern side of Great Head. The shore is on Frenchman Bay but the body of water beyond the rocks in the distance is the Atlantic Ocean.

The highest point on Great Head is near the western side and has an elevation of just over 160 feet (49 meters). This point is seen to the left of center in the photograph above. There is another high point of just over 140 feet (43 meters) on the eastern side of Great Head. This eastern elevation is not show in the photograph below but is just to the right of the area photographed.

Great Head Eastside

Sand Beach is to the west of Great Head. A hiking trail begins at Sand Beach and provides a path to the highest elevations on Great Head. The next photograph shows a pair of hikers climbing this trail. The photograph was taken from Sand Beach.

Hikers on the Trail to the Top of Great Head Above Sand Beach

The next photograph shows Frenchman Bay and the Atlantic Ocean from the rocks of Oak Hill near Anemone Cave. The white foam to the right of the picture is the location of Old Whale Ledge, which can also be seen from the rocks of Great Head. Note the green buoy to the left in the picture. This buoy marks the location of Old Whale Ledge, which is a threat to navigation. The white foam generated as the waves of Frenchman Bay roll over the ledge's rocks can be a spectacular sight.

Old Whale Ledge

The photograph below shows Great Head in winter.

Great Head in Winter

Great Head is accessible only by hiking trails. The shorter trail begins at Sand Beach. A longer but less difficult trail begins at a small parking lot off Schooner Head Road in Bar Harbor. Schooner Head Road continues south past Schooner Head Overlook. The small parking lot is at the place on this Schooner Head Road extension where public access to the road ends and only "authorized vehicles" can proceed. Boaters approaching Great Head should be wary of Old Whale Ledge to the northeast of Great Head, Old Soaker to the south and the rocks around the shore of Great Head.

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