Isle au Haut

Isle au Haut is an island and town in Penobscot Bay southeast of Deer Island, Maine. Acadia National Park owns most of the island's land area. This island is accessible only by boat. Isle au Haut Boat Services provide year-round passenger service to the island from Stonington, Maine to the Isle au Haut Town Landing. This boat will also stop at the Duck Harbor Campground in Acadia National Park during the summer tourist season. Guests of the Keeper's House Inn may request the boat captain to stop at the Robinson Point Light landing, which is also the location of the inn, if it is safe to do so. Automobiles may be parked in Stonington. The boat will accommodate bicycles and pets. Consult for the boat schedules and fees.

Overnight accommodations are limited to the Keeper's House Inn and the Duck Harbor Campground. For more information on the inn and to make reservations go to  The Duck Harbor Campground has limited sites. Campers must provide their own food. Contact the Acadia National Park Headquarters at (207) 288-3338 (voice or TDD) for camping reservations and information about the sites. The mailing address is Superintendent, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609.

The first European to sight and record the location of this island was Samuel de Champlain in 1604. He named the island Isle au Haut or "High Island" because of the high hills covering the island. The year-round population of Isle au Haut is about 75 people. The population doubles as summer residents open their summer homes on the island.

The following portion of the United States Geological Survey Map shows an island about six miles (9.7 kilometers) long by two miles (3.2 kilometers) wide. There are numerous smaller islands around Isle au Haut. The hills on the island are in a north-south ridge down the center of the island. The tallest mountain is Mount Champlain at 543 feet (166 meters). The Acadia National Park land is in the central and southern portion of the island. Left click on this map to download a large, detailed version of this map in printable (PDF) format.

Isle au Haut Map

The following map is the hiking map for Isle au Haut published by the National Park Service. A full-size (11 x 17 inches), printable version of this map can be downloaded by left-clicking on the map. This map and the map above are for planning purposes only. You should obtain the latest maps when you arrive in Acadia National Park. Trails may be revised and rerouted as necessary to minimize environmental impact.


Official National Park Service Map


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