Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond is a very popular attraction in Acadia National Park. The surface area of Jordan Pond is 187 acres (0.75 square kilometers) at an altitude of 274 feet (83.5 meters) above sea level. Its maximum depth is 150 feet (45.7 meters) and the average depth is 84 feet (25.6 meters). Jordan Pond is oligotrophic, that is, it has little vegetation but high levels of dissolved oxygen. This pond is a public water supply. The fish in Jordan Pond include Salmon, Lake Trout (Togue), Brook Trout, Rainbow Smelt, Minnows, White Sucker, Banded Killifish, Threespine Stickleback, Pumpkinseed Sunfish and American Eel. The principle source of water for Jordan Pond is Deer Brook at the northern end of the pond, which drains Sargent Mountain. The outlet is Jordan Stream at the southern end of the pond, which runs into (Little) Long Pond in Seal Harbor. Click on one of the three pictures of Jordan Stream below to see a video of that part of the stream. Notice how the stream becomes more placid as it gets farther from the spillway.

Jordan Stream Spillway
Jordan Stream Spillway
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Jordan Stream from Spillway to Bridge
Jordan Stream from Spillway to Bridge
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Jordan Stream Downstream
Jordan Stream Beyond Bridge
(13 seconds, 9.34 megebytes)

The photograph above was taken in early spring from the observation deck at the Jordan Pond House shown to the right in the next photograph. The mountains are The Bubbles. The mountain to the left is North Bubble and to the right is South Bubble. A hiking trail runs along the edge of Jordan Pond. A path to this trail is seen to the right in the photograph above.

The photograph below shows the Jordan Pond House Restaurant to the left and the observation area and deck to the right. This photograph was taken before the restaurant opened in 2010. After opening, tables and chairs are set up on the green in the foreground to serve patrons of the restaurant outdoors if they wish. Distinguished people including European royalty and celebrities  have sat on this lawn drinking lemonade and eating popovers. The restaurant offers a full-service menu. Reservations are recommended. There are few restaurants anywhere in the world in such a beautiful setting.

Jordan Pond House

The following photograph is a picture of the north end of Jordan Pond from the boat launch ramp. This ramp is located at the large, general parking area for the Jordan Pond House. There is a smaller parking lot for automobiles only at the Jordan Pond House. The larger lot and ramp are off Park Loop Road to the north of the Jordan Pond House.

Jordan Pond North at Boat Ramp

The next photograph shows part of the boat launch area, the south end of Jordan Pond and Penobscot Mountain rising above Jordan Pond.

Boat Launch Area

The next picture is a closer look at Penobscot Mountain. Notice the ridge below the summit. This ridge is called Jordan Ridge. A carriage road runs by the Jordan Pond House and along the base of Penobscot Mountain beneath Jordan Ridge. The views from this section of carriage road are spectacular.

Jordan Ridge

The northeast section of Jordan Pond is shown in the next photograph taken from the boat launch area. The South Bubble is to the left. To the right is Pemetic Mountain. The Park Loop Road runs between Jordan Pond and Pemetic Mountain and through the pass between The Bubbles and Pemetic Mountain.

Jordan Pond to the Northeast

The following photograph shows a cove on the west side of Jordan Pond. The trail that encircles Jordan Pond stays very close to the shore.

Cove on Jordan Pond

The lawn at the Jordan Pond House during the summer welcomes visitors and their pets for refreshments as shown in the photograph below taken in July of 2010.  The observation deck of the Jordan Pond House is to the left.

Jordan Pond House in Summer

Across the Park Loop Road from the Jordan Pond House is one of the two carriage houses in the park. This carriage house, shown in the next picture, marks the beginning of a carriage road that provides access to the Wildwood section of the park. The carriage houses are interesting structures and good subjects for photographers but they are used to house park employees and are considered private residences.

Carriage House at Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond is near the Seal Harbor entrance to the park. Signage at other entrances direct the visitor to this important attraction.


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