Norumbega Mountain

Norumbega Mountain

Norumbega Mountain rises above Somes Sound opposite Acadia Mountain. The summit is at 852 feet ( 260 meters) above sea level. The entire mountain is heavily forested. The photograph above shows Norumbega Mountain as an imposing geographic feature because its base is virtually at sea level, the surface of Somes Sound. The photograph below shows the southeastern face of Norumbega Mountain from Lower Hadlock Pond. This view of the mountain is less imposing because Lower Hadlock Pond is 188 feet (57.3 meters) above sea level and this side of the mountain is less steep and closer to the camera.

Norumbega is an Algonquin word meaning "quiet waters." An old name for Norumbega Mountain was Brown Mountain. Opposite the southeast base of the mountain is a gate/carriage house named "Brown Mountain Gate/Carriage House" after the original name of the mountain.

The importance of Norumbega Mountain is that paired with Acadia Mountain it forms a narrow gap in Somes Sound.  This gap and the steep sides of the two mountains help establish Somes Sound as the only true fjord on the East Coast of the United States.

Norumbega Mountain over Lower Hadlock Pond

The next photograph shows the northeastern part of Norumbega Mountain to the right of center and more distant than the southeastern face, which is not as clear in the photograph above.

North End of Norumbega Mountain from Lower Hadlock Pond

The next photograph shows the east face of Norumbega Mountain from the Sargent Mountain South Ridge Trail.

Norumbega Mountain from Sargent Mountain South Ridge Trail

The foreground of the following photograph shows Norumbega Mountain above the northern part of Upper Hadlock Pond as seen from the summit of Cedar Swamp Mountain. The hazy mountains in the background are St. Sauveur Mountain, Acadia Mountain, Beech Mountain, Bernard Mountain and Mansell Mountain.

Norumbega Mounatin and Upper Hadlock Pond from the summit of Cedar Swamp Mountain

Norumbega Mountain is on the east side of Somes Sound in the Town of Mount Desert. Sargent Drive runs between the shore of Somes Sound and the western base of Norumbega Mountain. However, there are no public roads or trails that give access to Norumbega Mountain along this drive. State Route 3/198 runs along the eastern base of Norumbega Mountain. There is a hiking trail up to the summit of the mountain that begins at a parking lot north of Upper Hadlock Pond. This trail connects to other trails that parallel the highway and provide access to Lower Hadlock Pond. Stay on the trails because the forest is very thick in this area. At least one family was lost overnight on these trails. Fortunately, they survived their ordeal with nothing more than a few scratches and insect bites. Spending a night in a cold, dark forest on steep slopes is not a pleasant experience for most people.

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