Pemetic Mountain

South Bubble and Pemetic Mountain 

Pemetic Mountain rises to 1,248 feet (380 meters) above sea level to the east of Jordan Pond and to the west of Bubble Pond. The photograph above shows Pemetic Mountain from the boat launch area of Jordan Pond. The South Bubble is to the left. The summit of Pemetic Mountain is in the right quarter of this photograph. The photograph below is a closer view of the summit area.

Pemetic Summit

The next photograph shows a detail of the summit area showing many granite outcroppings and trees that give this mountain its character.

Pemetic from Jordan Pond Carriage Road

The next photograph illustrates the shear cliffs on the west side of the mountain. There are no trails in this area. Notice how the granite faces are as vertical as the trees.

Detail of the West Face of Pemetic Mountain

The east face of Pemetic Mountain is not as steep as shown in the next photograph taken from Cadillac Mountain. This side of the mountain is easier to climb. There is a narrow valley between Pemetic Mountain and Cadillac Mountain in which Bubble Pond is located.

East Side of Pemetic Mountain as seen from Cadillac Mountain

The next photograph, also taken from Cadillac Mountain, shows two peaks south (to the left) of Pemetic Mountain. The northern peak is The Triad at 698 feet (213 meters) above sea level and the southern peak behind the pair of evergreens is Day Mountain at 583 feet (178 meters) above sea level.

Pemetic Mountain, The Triad and Day Mountain from Cadillac Mountain

The Park Loop Road runs along the base of the west side of Pemetic Mountain. A carriage road runs along the east base of Pemetic Mountain and along the shore of Bubble Pond. Hiking tails go up the north and south ridges of the mountain. Other trailheads are on the carriage road along Bubble Pond and on the Park Loop Road coincident with trails ascending the North Bubble. 

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