Penobscot Mountain

Penobscot Mountain

Penobscot Mountain rises to an elevation of 1,194 feet ( 363.9 meters) above sea level and above Jordan Pond. It is the fifth highest of the 26 mountains in Acadia National Park. Its east face is the most dramatic. The photograph above shows the summit of Penobscot Mountain as seen from the Park Loop Road east of Jordan Pond. The next photograph shows Penobscot Mountain to the west of Jordan Pond. A hiking trail runs along the entire shore of Jordan Pond. On the west side of the pond and part way up Penobscot Mountain is a carriage road that runs from the south end of Jordan Pond past The Bubbles and to Eagle Lake. This carriage road is hidden in the trees in the photograph below.

Penobscot Mountain above Jordan Pond

The following photograph shows the east face of Penobscot Mountain from Jordan Pond. The ridge running along the top of Penobscot Mountain is called Jordan Ridge. 

Jordan Ridge and Penobscot Mountain

The next photograph taken from the carriage road is a closer view of a part of the granite formation that defines Jordan Ridge.

Cliffs above Trees on Penobscot Mountain

These photographs fail to convey the immensity of this mountain. The next photograph shows a rockslide below Jordan Ridge. 

Rocks on East Face of Penobscot Mountain

This rockslide extends for a considerable distance along the carriage road as seen in the following picture. 

Rocks on the East Face of Penobscot Mountain down to the Carriage Road

Click on one of the two following photographs of brooks on Penobscot Mountain to see a video of the flow of water in the brooks. These brooks eventually flow into Jordan Pond. Notice the clarity of the water. As the water flows over rocks and through vegetation some impurities, microorganisms and suspended matter are removed. Of great importance is that the flowing, churning water dissolves oxygen in the water. Dissolved oxygen in the water is important to sustain animal life in a body of water. Fish generally require at least 5 parts per million of dissolved oxygen in the water to thrive.

A Brook on Penobscot Mountain
A Brook on Penobscot Mountain
(15 seconds, 11 megabytes)
Another Brook on Penobscot Mountain
Another Brook on Penobscot Mountain
(17 seconds, 12.9 megabytes)

The relative locations and sizes of the mountains around Jordan Pond can best be seen from Cadillac Mountain. The following photograph taken from the automobile road on Cadillac Mountain shows Pemetic Mountain in the foreground to the left of center. To the rear and right of center is the long Jordan Ridge of Penobscot Mountain. Sargent Mountain is to the extreme right. In the valley in between these mountains are, left to right, South Bubble and North Bubble. The Bubbles appear very small form this point of view. The mountains in the rear between Penobscot and Sargent Mountains are Mansell and Bernard mountains collectively called Western Mountain. To the left of center in the distance is the Town of Southwest Harbor and Blue Hill Bay.

View of Penobscot Mountain from Cadillac Mountain

The following photograph shows a part of the west face of Penobscot Mountain as seen from the Sargent Mountain South Ridge Trail. 

West Face of Penobscot from Sargent Mountain South Ridge Trail

Three hikers can be seen in the next photograph on the west face of Penobscot Mountain. The trees above the hikers are on Pemetic Mountain to the east of Penobscot Mountain. 

Hikers on Penobscot Mountain

The following photograph shows the higher area of Penobscot Mountain as seen from the summit of Cedar Swamp Mountain. 

Penobscot Summit Area 

Penobscot Mountain is most easily accessed by the carriage road running north from the Jordan Pond House. There are several trails up Penobscot Mountain from the carriage road system in this area. The summit of Penobscot Mountain can also be reached via trails up Sargent Mountain and Parkman Mountain. 

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