Seawall is a section of Acadia National Park located in the Village of Seawall in the Town of Southwest Harbor. The shore in this section consists of granite ledges and rocks that have been washed up on shore by the ocean waves and deposited to form a natural seawall. Many of these rocks were tossed about in the ocean to round them into cobblestones that were used to construct early paved roads. The photograph above shows the beach at Seawall. The next two photographs are of the National Park picnic area at Seawall. The islands in the distance of the next photograph are, from left to right, Little Duck Island and Great Duck Island. This photograph also shows a group of Herring Gulls in the tidal pools.

Seawall Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus)

The next photograph shows another section of the picnic area with numerous shore plants including the wild rose bush to the left in the photograph. Notice how the waves are held back by this natural seawall. This area is relatively flat and a stroll through this area is relatively easy. The picnic area has a large parking lot and restroom facilities.

Seawall Shore Plants at Picnic Area

The next photograph shows Seawall Pond that is located on the other side of the highway from Seawall beach. Seawall Pond has a surface area of five acres (0.020 square kilometers).  Data on the depths in this pond is not currently available. The surface of the pond is at sea level. The natural seawall prevents the ocean from regularly flooding this area. However, the sea occasionally overruns the seawall dumping salty water into Seawall Pond and flooding the highway.

Seawall Pond

Seawall is located on State Route 102A about half way between the Village of Bass Harbor in the Town of Tremont and the Village of Manset in the Town of Southwest Harbor. The seawall beach and picnic area are south of the highway. Opposite the picnic area and on the other side of the highway is the Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park. A walk from the campground to the Seawall picnic area, Seawall Pond and beach is relatively easy. After a heavy rain or major storm parts of State Route 102A may be temporarily closed to traffic. However, this closure will not normally prevent access to the campground but may require an alternate traffic flow pattern.


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