Saint Sauveur Mountain

St. Sauveur Mountain

Saint Sauveur Mountain is south of Acadia Mountain on Somes Sound. The name of this mountain comes from the name of an ill-fated French colony established at Fernald Point nearby. St. Sauveur rises to an elevation of 679 feet (207 meters) above sea level. The photograph above shows the western side of St. Sauveur and the summit. The nearest island to the right of the mountain is Greening Island. To the rear of Greening Island is Great Cranberry Island. A part of the Town of Southwest Harbor is to the far right. The next photograph shows St. Sauveur's eastern side as it rises precipitously over Somes Sound.

St. Sauveur from Somes Sound

The photograph below is a wider shot of Somes Sound and St. Sauveur Mountain. The mountain to the extreme left is Flying Mountain at 284 feet (87 meters) above sea level. Below the notch between St. Sauveur Mountain and Flying Mountain is a cove called Valley Cove. The low land area to the left is Fernald Point.

Antoinette de Pons, Marquise de Guercheville dispatched a Roman Catholic mission to the New World in 1613. The mission had the objective of finding the mythical city of Norumbega that was supposed to be located in the vicinity of present-day Bangor, Maine. Their ship, the Jonas, was blown off course in June of 1613 and into Frenchman Bay. The local indigenous Americans informed the mission that their chief, Asticou, was dying and in need of baptism. Chief Asticou was camped at present-day Manchester Point in the Village of Northeast Harbor opposite Fernald Point at the entrance to Somes Sound. The chief was baptized and recovered from what was merely a bad cold. The mission abandoned their objective and settled at Fernald Point in a colony they called, Saint Sauveur. They coexisted happily with the local natives for about a month. Then, an English ship appeared that destroyed the colony. A famous resort and section of Northeast Harbor is named after Chief Asticou.

St. Sauveur Mountain with Flying Mountain

A trailhead for St. Sauveur Mountain begins at a small parking area on the east side of State Route 102 about a quarter mile (0.4 kilometers) before the entrance to the National Park's Echo Lake swim area. Other trails begin at the Valley Cove area of the National Park that is nearly at the end of Fernald Point Road in the Town of Southwest Harbor. This road runs east from State Route 102  past a golf course just before the business district of Southwest Harbor. Acadia Mountain trails also connect to St. Sauveur Mountain trails. The Valley Cove area of the park has dramatic scenery but does not have as many visitors as other parts of the park. Parts of this area may be closed in the spring and early summer because endangered raptors like to nest on the cliffs.


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