The Beehive

The Beehive from the Sand Beach Parking Lot

The Beehive is a 520 foot (158 meter) granite hill that rises above Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. The photograph above was taken from the parking lot at Sand Beach. The hiking trails on the south face of this hill are challenging but the trails on the north side are easier. The view from the summit is spectacular. To the south is Sand Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.  The Mount Desert Range of mountains can be seen to the northwest. At the base of The Beehive is a pond called The Bowl. The following photograph shows The Beehive as seen from The Bowl Trail. There is a trail up this nearly vertical face of The Beehive.

The Beehive from The Bowl Trail

The next photograph is a detail of the previous photograph showing a section above the center of the previous photograph. The gray rock to the far left of center in the photograph below can be seen in the photograph above near the summit. Referring to the photograph below, hikers would come along the trail identified by the arrow at the lower right. They would then need to climb the face using the iron rungs identified by the arrow left of center. The other arrows point to the blue trail markers on the approach to the summit. This climb is not for the faint of heart. The Bowl Trail offers an alternate route up the other side of The Beehive that is a much easier climb.

Vertical Face Trail

The trails to The Bowl and The Beehive are off Park Loop Road opposite the Sand Beach parking lots. The photograph below shows The Beehive in winter as seen from the Sand Beach parking lot.

The Beehive in Winter


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