The Bowl

The Bowl

The Bowl is a six-acre pond (0.024 square kilometers) at 410 feet (125 meters) above sea level  to the northwest of The Beehive. It has a maximum depth of nine feet (2.7 meters). The author could not find definitive data on the physical chemistry of The Bowl but it appears to be mesotrophic, that is, The Bowl seems to have moderate levels of vegetation and dissolved oxygen. The photograph above shows the northern shore of The Bowl looking toward Champlain Mountain.

The water is very clear as the following picture shows. Also note that the bottom is very rocky.

Rocky Bottom of The Bowl

The photograph below shows the western shore of The Bowl

Western Shore of The Bowl

To the east of The Bowl is Enoch Mountain shown in the next photograph.

Enoch Mountain


Kief Pond

If one approaches The Bowl from the Sand Beach area, you will pass a wetland sometimes called Kief Pond shown in the picture above. The hike from the Park Loop Road to the Bowl is about one half mile (0.8 kilometers). Allow about half an hour to get to The Bowl. parts of the trail are steep. One can also hike to The Bowl from Champlain Mountain.


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