The Bubbles

The Bubbles

The Bubbles are a pair of mountains in the Mount Desert Range between Eagle Lake to the north and Jordan Pond to the south. The taller of the two mountains is the North Bubble, to the left in the photograph above, at 872 feet (266 meters) above sea level. The South Bubble is the mountain to the right in the photograph above and has a summit at 766 feet (233 meters) above sea level. The body of water in the picture is Jordan Pond. This photograph was taken in early spring to help portray the rocky nature of The Bubbles. The next photograph shows The Bubbles with green foliage.

Close Up of The Bubbles

The photograph below shows the south face of South Bubble.

Face of South Bubble

Examine the photograph of the south face carefully. There are two climbers on the face about half way between the center of the photograph and the center bottom edge of the photograph. They are wearing hardhats, which is very wise considering that falling rocks in this area of the park are possible. Note the granite outcroppings higher on the face. The following photograph is a detail of these outcroppings. Note the plants growing in the crevices. These plants may dislodge rocks as they grow. During the winter, water freezes in cracks and crevices breaking rock. Ice, deep in the cracks, can linger into summer. When it melts, rock may be loosened. 

Detail of the face of South Bubble

The next photograph shows the famous Bubble Rock near the summit of South Bubble. This large rock, about ten feet (3 meters) high and 20 feet (6 meters) long, was deposited by glaciers eons ago and has not moved since. All attempts to dislodge this rock have failed. Future attempts to do so are discouraged. This rock is easily seen at various points from the Park Loop Road between Jordan Pond and Bubble Pond.

Bubble Rock

The following photograph shows the summit of South Bubble from the south end of Jordan Pond.

Summit of South Bubble

A carriage road runs west of Jordan Pond past the Bubbles and to Eagle Lake. The next photograph is a view of the North and South Bubbles and a part of Pemetic Mountain from this carriage road.

North and South Bubbles from the Jordan Pond Carriage Road

The South Bubble has a distinctively different character when viewed from this carriage road as shown in the following photograph. This side shot rather than head-on shot makes the South Bubble seem less imposing.

Close up of the South Bubble from the Carriage Road

The North Bubble, the higher of the mountain pair, maintains its majesty as seen from the carriage road in the next picture.

North Bubble above Trees

The Bubbles are best accessed off the Park Loop Road between the Jordan Pond House and Bubble Pond. A hiking trail begins at The Bubbles parking lot on Park Loop Road. There are no roads on The Bubbles. One can also hike to The Bubbles from Jordan Pond and Eagle Lake.

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