The Wild Gardens of Acadia

Blue Flag

The Wild Gardens of Acadia was established by George Dorr, the first superintendent of Acadia National Park,  in 1909 when he purchased the Sieur de Monts Spring area. Sieur de Monts translates as Lord of the Mountains. He subsequently donated it in 1916 to what was then the Lafayettte National Monument . However, it was not formally cultivated as a garden until 1961. Since then, volunteers from local garden clubs tend to the garden. Plants native to Mount Desert Island are planted and labeled in one of a dozen sections of the garden, each section representing a different microenvironment on Mount Desert Island. The photograph above shows Blue Flag plants along the bank of the pond section. Note the identification tags at the base of the plant. The next photograph shows the sign at the entrance to the gardens.


Wild Gardens Description

The garden is very useful to people who wish to learn positive identification of plants on Mount Desert Island. However, it is also a nice place to spend a few minutes sitting on a bench like the one shown in the next picture.

Rest Area in the Wild Gardens of Acadia

The Nature Center adjacent to the Wild Gardens of Acadia permits visitors to gain a more in-depth knowledge of Acadia National Park's natural wonders. 

Nature Center

Close by the Gardens and Nature Center is a structure, shown in the photograph below, enclosing a pool fed by the Sieur de Monts Spring. The large rock in the foreground has the inscription, "Sweet Waters of Acadia." The rock in the background has the inscription, "Sieur de Monts Spring" and marks the beginning of a trail up Dorr Mountain.

Sieur de Monts Spring

The Wild Gardens of Acadia are located in the Sieur de Monts section of Acadia National Park on the Park Loop Road. The entrance to the Sieur de Monts section is on the west side of State Route 3 in Bar Harbor a short distance south of the Jackson Laboratory facilities.


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