Wonderland is a section of the southern most shoreline on Mount Desert Island. Most of the area is pink granite as shown in the photograph above. However, some of the beach is coarse sand and gravel as shown in the photograph below. Click on the photograph below to see a short video (19 seconds) of the shore at Wonderland. This video file has a size of 15.3 megabytes.

Wonderland Shore

The next photograph shows the rocky beach to the east of the Wonderland area. The forest to the left is on Mount Desert Island. The land in the distance to the right is Great Cranberry Island.

Shore East of Wonderland

Tidal pools are common at Wonderland. All sorts of creatures may be found in these pools. The picture below shows a tidal pool with a mass of green hair algae called Sea Grass (Enteromorpha sp.).  This type of hair algae is not normally found in freshwater.

Tidal Pool at Wonderland

Many rocks are covered with growths like lichens as shown in the next picture. These colonies generate chemicals that eat away at the rock.  Lichens are formed by a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae.

Growths on Rocks at Wonderland

The path to and from the shore at Wonderland is broad and fairly level as seen in the next photograph. However, watch for rocks and roots that protrude above the path, They can be tripping hazards.

Wonderland Trail

The Wonderland Trail has a number of curiosities like the twisted pine shown in the photograph below.

Twisted Pine Beside Wonderland Trail

The parking area and trailhead for Wonderland is located on State Route 102A near the Village of Bass Harbor between the Ship Harbor Nature Trail and Seawall.

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