Black Duck (Anas rubripes)


Black Duck 

The Black Duck (Anas rubripes) is a member of the Anseriformes order and the Swans, Geese and Duck family (Anatidae). It grows to 22 inches (56cm). The photograph above shows a male Black Duck on a pond on Mount Desert Island in early July of 2010. Its mate is shown with the pair's ducklings in the picture below. The male and female Black Ducks have similar plumage. A close relative of the Mallard duck, Black Ducks sometimes breed with Mallards and can be mistaken for female Mallard ducks. Black Ducks are sooty brown and white. The dark brown on their backs make them appear black from a distance under certain lighting conditions. The colors of the female are lighter and she has orange mottling on her bill. Compare the darker male in the photograph above to his mate to the right in the photograph below.

Black Duck Family 

The both sexes produce a typical duck, quack.

The Black Duck nests in the ground. The nest is made of feathers and down. The female will lay nine or more greenish eggs. The family shown above consists of only six ducklings.


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