Eastern Tailed-blue (Everes comyntas)

Eastern Tailed-blue Butterfly Top

Photograph by Carol Muth

Eastern Tailed-blue Butterfly (Everes comyntas) is an insect in the Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Lycaenidae) family. The wingspan of this butterfly is 7/8 Inches (23 Millimeters) to 1-1/8 inches (28 millimeters) wide. Females are light blue to brown on the topside of the wings with brown or charcoal and light white to gray edges. There are black dots near the bottom margins of the hind wings. The photographs on this page shows a female Eastern Tailed-blue Butterfly. The males are blue on the upper side of their wings but have margins much like the female. The undersides of the wings of both sexes are gray to tan with black and orange spots. Both sexes have tails but the female's tail is bigger.

The caterpillar has a green, hairy body with brown stripes and a black head. They eat clover and other legumes. Adults sip nectar from flowers. The female lays two or more batches of eggs a year. The female may lose the tail in the process of laying eggs.


Eastern Tailed-blue Butterfly Bottom

Photograph by Carol Muth

The Eastern Tailed-blue Butterfly takes flight from spring through fall.

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