Slender Pondweed (Potamogeton pusillus)

Slender Pondweed


The Slender Pondweed (Potamogeton pusillus), also known as the Small Pondweed and Narrow-leaved Small Pondweed, is a perennial forb/herb in the Pondweed Family and order, Najadales. The family and genus names are from the Greek for "neighbor of a river." The species name is from the Latin for "very small."The order name is from the Greek and Latin verb "to swim." As a noun, the order name refers to a water nymph. There are two other species in Maine that look like Potamogeton pusillus: Potamogeton gemmiparus and Potamogeton berchtoldii. Most authorities consider these species names synonyms of one another. This plant thrives in turbid waters like French Hill Pond.

The leaves of this plant are linear, entire and up to 0.1 inches (2.5 millimeters) wide and 2¾ inches (7 centimeters) long. They are alternately arranged in a spiral pattern. Each leaf attaches directly to the stem, that is, a leaf lacks a petiole and has a prominent midvein.. See the photograph below that is a detail from the photograph above. The leaves are normally submersed. A brisk breeze on French Hill Pond exposed some parts of the leaves to air when the photograph on this page was taken.

Slender Pondweed Detail

The flower is a small green-brown spike. The fruit is a small, dry, oval seed with a protrusion on one end called a "beak." This plant can also reproduce via winter buds called "turions."

The root system is rhizomic

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