Orange-yellow Marasmius (Marasmius strictipes)


Orange-yellow Marasmius Cap 

The Orange-yellow Marasmius (Marasmius strictipes) is currently a mushroom of the Marasmiaceae Family and Agaricomycetes Order.  The genus was formerly Collybia. Some authorities indicate that the family is the Tricholoma (Tricholomataceae) Family. Most mushrooms in this family are not edible. The edibility of this mushroom has not been established and it should not be consumed.

The cap of the Orange-yellow Marasmius is, as the name implies, orange to yellow. The center of the cap may have a slightly raise area or broad knob that is darker than the surrounding sunken area as shown in the photograph above taken in the forest to the east of French Hill Pond. Sometimes the knob is absent and the center is convex. The cap begins to lighted towards the margin but then darkens at the margin. The cap is less than one inch (2.5 centimeters) to 2½ inches (7 centimeters) in diameter. The margins are slightly upturned as seen in the photograph below. This characteristic may become more pronounced with age.

Orange-yellow Marasmius Gills 

The gills of the Orange-yellow Marasmius are yellow to a pinkish hue as seen in the photograph above. The gills are very crowded, that is, close to one another and attached at the top of the stalk. The stalk is off-white to yellow and can be up to three inches (7.5 centimeters) high and almost ½ inch (one centimeter) thick.

Similar species are Collybia butyracea with a more evenly-colored, yellow cap and lined stalk; Collybia dryophila that has a distinctly yellow to reddish-brown stalk and the Marasmius oreades, the famous Fairy Ring Mushroom that grows in grass, one of the few edible mushrooms in the Marasmiaceae Family.

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