Short-stalked White Russula (Russula brevipes)


Short-stalked White Russula 

The Short-stalked White Russula (Russula brevipes) is a large mushroom in the Russula Family (Russulaceae) and order Russulales. This fungus is edible but is best when parasitized by the ascomycete (a fungus like yeast) Hypomyces lactifluorum. It then becomes the highly desirable Lobster Mushroom, which is funnel-shaped with an outer surface having the color of a cooked lobster. The species name indicates that this mushroom is short. This russula has a white cap with brown stains, white stem and white gills as shown in the photograph. The cap is up to eight inches (20 centimeters) in diameter with a sunken center. As this mushroom matures, the cap may become funnel-shaped. The stalk can be up to three inches (eight centimeters) long and an inch (2.5centimeters) or more thick with brown staining. The gills are close and crowded, attached to the stem and may have brown staining. The margins of this mushroom turn under. It grows in mixed broadleaf and conifer woods.


 In general, Russulas should not be consumed unless their edibility can be positively confirmed. That confirmation may require microscopic examination. A number of less edible mushrooms resemble the Russula brevipes.

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